The lot


Ecotools Color perfecting minis

Normally, my go-to sponges for concealer are the purple ones from Real Techniques. These from Ecotools are a bit on the stiff side, and don’t get softer when wet. Not really into these.


Morphe M433

Do you see the brush is not clean? It was sent to me this way, I mean?? But love the brush, actually, this is my third one. Not because the other two were broken, but I just wanted some back-ups.


PS by Primark Micellar gel

Hoped this would be a good gel to clean my brushes with, as I loved the Garnier micellar gel for that. But this one seems to leave a bit of a sticky, oily residue and that’s definitely not what I’m looking for. Didn’t love it for my face, either.


Sephora Nourishing shower balm in Morning zest

Very nice shower gel, and the smell is just divine.


Mat from Primark to clean brushes, but hated it. Don’t even have it anymore, tried it once.


From another Morphe haul: R40 and R39 eyeshadow brushes, also both as an extra, as I loved the ones I already had, but had to wash them all the time, so just bought some more. And the Morphe M536 to set my undereyes. Love it for that purpose, don’t use it for anything else.


Biotherm Ultra fresh face mist SPF 50

This bottle is already empty, love the spray. It’s light, it’s good, I can spray it over my make-up, the smell is so nice. I will buy it again, for sure!


Ecotools Precision blush brush

I’m not sure how I feel about Ecotools. Some brushes are absolutely great, others not that much. This brush is a bit too stiff to use as a blush brush, and too thick to contour with. I use it to set my undereyes with, but most of the time, it’s just in its holder, unused.

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